Petition of Georgian Writers to Georgian Government, Free Society of the World

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Georgia is a free country. It gained freedom through ceaseless struggle with the neighboring empires during many centuries, often showing an example of self-sacrificing fight for freedom to other countries.

  After Russian-Georgian conflict in 1990-1992 in Samachablo (Tskhinvali Region), and war in Abkhazia in 1992-1993, Russia started occupation of Georgian lands and genocide of ethnical Georgians. These inconvertible processes continued with Russian-Georgian war in 2008.

Since 2008 20% of the territory of our country has been occupied by the Russians. Moreover, Russia is permanently continuing the process through a “creeping occupation”, widening the borders established arbitrarily by itself.

As a result the so called   "South Ossetian border"  is far from the central highway only by 400 meters.

We, Georgian writers categorically demand from the Georgian Government to take into consideration the will and concern of Georgian people and react immediately and effectively against the creeping occupation – raise the alarm, inform the world about the events in our country, use all the possibilities, involve all the international segments or organizations, protest ceaselessly against the process on all international levels in order to gain support of the world in the peaceful fight against the Russian aggression.

We also appeal to the free society of the world, our colleagues in all the countries, for whom the freedom and democracy are the main values, to raise their voice against the imperialistic aggression.

Today the world is united and solidary, as never before, in support of the principles of freedom and democracy and consequently the peril of one country, one nation is as important as that of a whole mankind.

We believe in this solidarity and international support.

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