Protect Climate Migrants!

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We want the European Union to avert, minimise and address the displacement of people who have been affected by the impacts of climate change

Climate migrants, a subset of migrants not yet formally recognised as refugees, are people who have been forced to flee due to sudden or gradual alterations in the natural environment that makes their homelands uninhabitable. 

The most common reasons climate migrants seek refuge in other countries are:

-Sea-level rise
-Extreme weather events
-Drought and water scarcity

300 million people are at risk of being displaced as a result of drought by 2030. Additionally, the number of people living at risk of having their homes flooded by the sea is expected to reach 150 million by 2050.

We’re asking the European Commission to

-Hold all member states accountable to their climate commitments under the Paris Agreement
-Create a new legal framework for protecting the rights of those forced to flee due to climate change
-Invest resources into long-term, sustainable housing programmes for ALL climate migrants in Europe

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