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European Union! Free Britain serves our Brexit Notice on YOU!

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On this day, our Brexit vote Anniversary Day, 23/06/2017, we, the Free People of Free Britain, Serve Notice on the European Union!


European Union!

By signing this notice, we, the undersigned, serve notice on YOU:

We are NOT European Union Citizens!

We do not wish to be European Union Citizens!

We will not consent to being European Union Citizens!

In our view, Great Britain was never lawfully entered into the European Union by the free consent of the people: instead it was "legally" entered on the technicalities of a Prime Minister without a mandate, Gordon Brown, by his unlawful signing of the Lisbon Treaty, as well as the previous history of mendacity and betrayal since the original deception of Ted Heath. That "legal" decision was tested by the lawful referendum we forced from the state 7 years later, and it has FAILED that test!

Many of those who voted to Leave on June 23rd 2016 also voted in the 1974 Referendum and it is a damning indictment of the EU that so many switched their vote from their original affirmative, obtained by deception, to the massive thumbs down from the British People the European Union has received! In all those years, the EU has failed to win hearts and minds, but even more damningly, has failed to demonstrate good governance or lawful intent to seek real informed consent. As meagre as Cameron's demands were, the EU failed to show even that much good will. You deserve our rejection.

Since we Voted Leave one year ago, our political class has done its best to backslide and get out of it, our media and liberal chattering classes have tried to explain away the vote, claim we did not know what we were voting for, or what the consequences would be, trying to frustrate the Article 50 process through the courts: which is YOUR mechanism to Leave.

We accept NO SUCH INSTRUMENT is required to assert our Freedom, our Independence and our Sovereignty : WE can speak for ourselves and WE tell you direct: we Reclaim any Consent from accepting any citizenship of the EU in anyform, directly, right here, right now!

You do not rule us! You will NEVER Rule us! You are a foreign federalist state and your offer of governance is REJECTED and NOT REQUIRED.

Our Government, in whom we have scant confidence, and yours, are currently engaged in "Exit negotiations" and the deadline is set for that exit, 31/03/2019. We tolerate this, for now, but make it clear, any continuance of membership of the Single Market, Free Movement, or the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, are completely unacceptable and cannot lawfully be imposed on us, the FREE PEOPLE of FREE BRITAIN. So do not mislead yourselves. On 01/04/2019 our demand and instruction to our government is that all payments to the European Union will CEASE.

Therefore, if you want a deal in the interest of future diplomatic relations and trade, you had best get on with it, and don't contravene the guidelines we here set for you.

This is OUR Notice: YOU have been served.

By: The FREE PEOPLE of FREE BRITAIN and our FREE ALLIES around the world! 



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