European Union: Ban on unnecessary plastic products.

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European Union: Ban on unnecessary plastic products.

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Luke Fox hat diese Petition an Janez Potočnik (European Commissioner for the Environment) gestartet.

We all know the problem: Plastic waste does not bio degrade, most of it cannot be re-used and since it breaks down into smaller and smaller particles over time it is tainting our food and water supplies more and more as time goes by.

The European Union is the worlds richest association of states and leading in the design and production of renewable energy technology, eco friendly housing and many other relevant fields.

This frontrunner position comes with the challenge ... even the responsibility to practice what we preach and utilize the full potential of this trade union.

A ban on plastic bags is not a new idea, some cities like Delhi, India or Los Angeles, California already have bans in place.
This is a valid first step into the right direction and a brighter future for all.
I am convinced the European Union could and should be the first association of states to put a blanket ban on plastic bags.
Yet, plastic packaging and especially UNNECESSARY plastic packaging is still a huge problem so I want to take it one step further and propose a complete ban on all unnecessary plastic products including but not limited to bags.

The basic idea is that a plastic product is deemed unnecessary if it only serves a one-way usage/purpose and/or is not bio-degradable (Under proper conditions biodegradable plastics can degrade to the point where microorganisms can completely metabolise them to carbon dioxide (and water). For example, starch-based bioplastics produced from sustainable farming methods could be almost carbon neutral. [Wikipedia]) as almost all our plastic products can be made from bio-degradable materials.

Will it affect jobs?
Yes! But in a good way: As our need for convenient packaging is ever growing the requirement for bio-degradable plastic will rise and since it is more labour intensive to create bio-plastics then normal plastic this will lead to thousands of new jobs beeing created all over the European Union.

But isn´t bio degradable plastic made from food?
Yes and no. It can be made from many materials including edible products, yet using food waste and renewable resources as well as industrial waste gives us almost unlimited ammounts of possibilities and the increased demand will lead to the development of even more methods to create bio plastics in a sustainable manner.

What does that mean for the consumer?
Nothing as all consumer needs will still be satisfied by the free market.

But it will be more expensive for the consumer, right?
Not realy as it will be such a small ammount per customer that it is neglible and the money saved on the price of gasoline (roughly 20% of all oil production is going to the plastic industry) and in turn, transport cost of goods as well as waste management will more then make up for it.

I urge the EU Commission and the European Council to take the right steps and bring about a healthier future for all its citizens and the world as a whole.

If you feel it is time to bring about change in how we consume and waste resources please think about supporting and sharing this petition, it is not the perfect sollution but if we can bring attention to the problem, the ideal way of dealing with it can and will be found, together.

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Diese Petition hat 84 Unterschriften erreicht

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