Rescue and Give a Life to Mediterranean Refugees

Rescue and Give a Life to Mediterranean Refugees

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African people, by the thousands, women, men, babies, children, embark on makeshift vessels trying to reach European coasts every day. They run away from something more dangerous than waves or extreme weather or the risk of death by exposure. Some of them, probably most of them, went through an ordeal of exploitation and rape before even reaching the shores somewhere in Northern Africa. Before boarding the raft, they most likely gave everything they´ve got, dignity included, to organisations specialized in human flesh trade.

Now, some European authorities are not content with closing their borders to these extreme asylum seekers. These authorities are preventing humanitarian organisations from rescuing them! They are applying huge fines, confiscating ships and denying harbor at their ports.

This petition is also an offer. 

It is a petition to rescue and save lives, together with a Strategic Initiative for Mediterranean Rescue and Asylum, creating a sustainable course of action to manage this humanitarian crisis. A smart way to put an end to the deaths at sea and the human trafficking in North Africa, and to give the EU countries the opportunity to show the world how critical problems are solved by the most advanced civilisation on Earth.

Let´s Rescue and Give a Life to the Mediterranean Asylum Seekers! 

Rescue + Shelter + Evaluate + Identify + Discern + Integrate + Monitor

This petition, once it reaches EU and country authorities with decision powers, counts with me and my full-time involvement in the design and operation of the mentioned Strategic Initiative, which I´ll summarize here in seven lines:

1. Rescue: now, lift all the rescue restrictions, let´s just rescue these people now!

2. Shelter: build five Strategic Refugee Centers in Italy, Spain, Libia, France and Morocco, designed for transitory asylum, medical assessment and the completion of the next steps.

3. Evaluate: a DNA profile aiming to determine actual origin, physical and mental health screening, literacy, skills, a full personal profile.

4. Identify: unless prevented by the results of the evaluation, provide the person with an ID document, which allows her/him to reside and seek employment in the EU conditionally and restricted to a certain territory for a probationary period of six months, which can be extended, and governed by specific rules.

5. Discern: which means "think where and how each individual case would have the best outcome". If the best chances of success for a given person are in her/his original land, provide transportation and send her/him home. If not, prepare her/him for an attempt to integrate into specific communities in the vast EU territory.

6. Integrate: each integration candidate will be provided with a 24x7 tracking device to be used for a period of six months, the probationary period. An integration counsel or will be assigned. The candidate shall meet with the counselor every two weeks as a minimum. Employers offering jobs to these candidates will not be hiring illegals, on the contrary, some countries may consider to help these employers to hire these workers instead of illegal immigrants.

7. Monitor: a very strict, zero-tolerance monitoring for a period of one year. Don´t skip meetings with counselor, don´t lose your tracking device, no drugs, no crime, no wandering out of the assigned community during the probationary period. Good people stay, work and have a life.

0 personas han firmado. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 100!
Con 100 firmas, es más probable que esta petición aparezca entre las peticiones recomendadas