Appeal for EU leaders to take a stand against government corruption in Bulgaria

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The Bulgarian people are currently protesting against government corruption, the increasing rule of oligarchy, and police brutality in response to protests. Hristo Ivanov, a key figure and creator of anti-corruption party "Yes, Bulgaria" has called for the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, the Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov, and several other officials.

Bulgarians are asking for the resignation of the current government because they want justice and real democracy. They want a government free of corruption so it can face important social issues and re-build the nation away from the deplorable conditions current officials have left it in with their mockery of justice and rule of law as well as rampant looting of people's savings, public budgets, national assets, and EU funds. 

Presently, no EU leaders have acknowledged the situation. No EU leaders have condemned the lack of democracy as well as blatant violations of rule of law and citizens' civic liberties. No EU leaders have announced support for the movements attempting to eradicate the mafia and to reinstate institutions in the country based on European principles of democracy, rule of law, personal freedom, freedom of the press, amongst many more. This petition appeals for EU leaders to acknowledge the situation in Bulgaria and to stop tolerating corruption. We want to ensure that Bulgaria, as an EU member state, does not sink into even deeper turmoil due to the relentless tentacles of state capture.

More detailed information about the situation in Bulgaria can be found in several articles by Open DemocracyPOLITICO, Balkan Insight, Al Jazeera, and Reuters. More coverage of the situation is necessary by international medias like BBC and CNN.