STOP the killing of animals in Bulgaria

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On the 14th of July 2018, veterinary euthanasia measures of farmers' animals were initiated by the Bulgarian Government in connection with the Commission implementing decision (EU) 2018/911 as of 25 June 2018.

This petition is based on the fact that the local authorities did not present any valid evidence of an outbreak in these specific cases before the "stamping out" measures were taken on 15th July 2018 in Goliamo Sharkovo, Bulgaria. As of last official communication, 200 animals were killed in the absence of the owner.

In the same area, another attempt of invading private property without a valid warrant was initiated by a team of police and veterinarians, which was blocked by a local protest.

With respect to the decision made by the European Commission in this regard, we as a community within or outside the premises of the country, appeal for control and immediate measures on European level over the implementation of the above mentioned legal framework by the Bulgarian government.