Acknowledgement of youth work's key role in acquisition of digital skills of youngsters

Acknowledgement of youth work's key role in acquisition of digital skills of youngsters

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If you BELIEVE that:

-the acquisition of high-tech digital skills is a right for young people;

-young people, especially those of less opportunities, should have access to more opportunities on upgrading their digital skills;

- youth work should be acknowledged as an important part of the educational chain and stand out for its quality and competence.

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Digitalization is a transformational process. It is changing the way people act and interact. As a result, the skills needed for personal and professional development are transforming as well. This initiative seeks to support this transition and to close the gap between the skills needed and the ones being taught. 

According to a recent report EU report (2018 Digital Action Plan, 2017 New Skills Agenda, 2018 Renewed Key Competences) young people lack high-tech digital skills and competences that will allow them to enter the labour market as professional workers. The educational system has dealt with Digitalisation and ICT, focusing purely on computer literacy. This does not help address the worrying figures, such as up to 40% of employers are not being able to find people with the skills they need to carry out their jobs. The whole formal education system has recently been questioned about its leading role in preparing students to handle the digital needs of the jobs of tomorrow. And, this situation is even more grim for the young people with fewer opportunities, especially girls aged 16 to 22.

For these and many more reasons, we believe it is urgent to improve Europe’s current educational landscape. Taking advantage of power and usability of non-formal education, to promote digital acquisition, to upgrade the quality of digital skills teaching, and to support educators and youth workers in monitoring, assessing and validating high-tech digital skills. In order to be better equipped to deal with the digital challenges of the labour market.

We also believe it is urgent to create synergies between youth organizations, schools and the business sector. To bridge the skills gap between education and the labour market. In today’s digital era, young people are in need of new opportunities to participate in the social and labour market. Without providing them help in quality educational opportunities to learn about digital media, new technologies and tools, most youth will be unable to compete. All of these skills are fundamental for them to be an active part of the society; the time has come to make a change… it's time to ACT!  

This initiative will help 1) set up DIGITAL CLUBS & LABS where young generations will be able to build up their high-tech digital skills (coding/robotics, 3D design and manufacturing, social media marketing, game design, etc.) AND 2) strengthen the profile of Youth Workers. Further helping to prioritize and develop strategies and methodologies of youth work in this field, in order to create a larger impact to address this problem.

Sign the petition if you believe in the value of open non-formal education as a tool for the youngsters' participation and their empowerment!

60 have signed. Let’s get to 100!