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We need international help in Catalonia

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Dears members of European Parliament:

I live in Catalonia and I am just a citizen with a very common way of living. I have never been involved in politics before. I hope that you can help me and all the Catalan people to make our problem more visible than ever before. We need international help because of the situation that we are living in our country.

The aim of this letter is to give you all the information that I can about the incidences that today, October 1st, 2017, have taken place in Catalonia.

To summarize the background of this October 1st referendum, I share with you a video by The Economist, which summarize pretty well the reason why people in Catalonia is very committed politically with this referendum:

From my perspective, the only fact of trying to avoid the referendum using the force, which has been the strategy of our central government in Spain (PP) is reason enough to report this to the international authorities.

But the brutality, the oppression and the violence that people in Catalonia have suffered today is unacceptable and is against all the democratic and civil rights. There have been two police brigades (Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional) which following the rules of the central government have hurt people who were just voting or standing peacefully in the street as a signal of protest, trying to avoid that the policemans retire the ballot boxes. The attack of the policemans have been totally out of proportion, and we have images which sadly remember a society ruled by the fascists. Apart from this, I want to remark that our local police brigade (Mossos d'Esquadra) have disobeyed the rules from the local government about using the violence against the citizens who were voting peacefully, and for this reason the public prosecutor's office want to penalize them. It makes no sense.

I would like to share with you some videos in order you can see what kind of violence I am talking about. Please note that they have been hitting people such as young women or old people:

The most regrettable case have been when a policeman have broken the fingers of a woman while he was dragging her downstairs. The woman, Marta Torrejillas, has explained to the media that the policeman have grabbed her breasts and that the policemans were laughing at that, which consist in a sexual assault, not only an agression:

As a citizen and human being, I am devastated. I think that Catalan people cannot trust the central government anymore. We need international help, all of this cannot occur in Europe. We are a democratic society, we have to be together to fight the oppressors and to guarantee that our human rights are respected.

Please members of European Parliament: HELP US!!!

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.


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