Taxis, shuttle buses and hire cars to provide safe, EU approved child car seats

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Parents with babies and small children are routinely forced to travel in hire vehicles (taxis, shuttle buses or hire cars) with poorly fitted, outdated, unsafe child restraint systems.

When they are provided, taxi and hire companies routinely charge extortionate fees to provide seats. If hiring a car seat for longer than a few days, the cost often exceeds the purchase price of the seat. And when provided, these seats are often antiquated, damaged, not fitted correctly and not suitable for the age of the child. 

EU child car seat legislation covered under UNECE R44/04 clearly states the requirement for children's car seats. We want this to be amended to include hire vehicle companies to be responsible for providing appropriate and safe seating according to this legislation.

Often babies are not catered for at all and parents are forced to wear them in baby slings which is extremely unsafe. In the event of an accident, a baby in a sling would have no protection from a sideways impact. Small children are routinely forced to sit in seats that are not designed for their height or weight and would provide little or no protection in the event of an accident.

Hire cars, taxis and shuttle bus companies are profitable businesses and the relatively small cost of child car seats should be affordable for these companies.

We believe care hire companies and taxi companies should have up to date, EU approved and age appropriate seats provided at a flat fee to ensure the safety of babies and small children travelling in hire vehicles.