Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet!

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Stop the censorship machinery - Save the Internet!

Please support our Crowdfunding on Gofundme. We all work voluntarily and unpaid and we have expenses for example for flyers, demonstrations or traveling.  We are looking forward to your contribution, that we can keep doing our successful campaigning direct in the European Parliament, on the street or on the internet and stop the directive.

Presumabely there'll be a third vote in january. Follow us on Twitter to receive updates. Like us on Facebook

One million signatures were ignored. For the next vote we need as many as possible supporters.

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We have to keep the pressure as high as possible, thats why we need as many signatures as possible.


Convince your friends!

Use your social networks! Talk to the people in your personal environment. Contact five persons directly with a call to action and to sign the petition. This way, everyone can contribute a lot.
We need to mobilize as many people as possible! 

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Importance and new goals

The plenary’s rejection of the draft law is by no means the end of the story. Rather, it is being discussed throughout the Parliament. It is up to the plenary to decide whether amendments should be made to the draft directive.

In addition to this, Julia Reda, MEP (Pirates/Greens EFA) has called for the “SaveTheInternet Action Day” on August, 26 as a result of this first stage victory. This is intended to send a clear, Europe-wide message from both critics and activists against the copyright law reform and in favour of freedom of information.


Comments by critics

Issues such as the potentially EU-wide ancillary copyright law and content recognition technologies - commonly known as “upload filters” - are still unresolved. We therefore call for those involved in the drafting and revising of such laws to deal better with the content and consequences of the digital aspect.

Our demands

Users, strengthen yourselves!

Make a stand for the preservation of the free internet and freedom of information! Sign our petition and let the Members of the European Parliament know what decision the citizens would make!

Dear Members of Parliament: Stay well informed! Recognize the consequences the proposed drafts would have for the private user as well as for the economy. Continue to decide against directives similar to Article 11 and 13 or which restrict freedom of information in any other way.

#savetheinternet #saveourinternet #fckart13

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