Stop Greek Cypriot authorities making unilateral changes to green line regulations

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of precautionary restrictions have been placed on the green line border crossing on the island of Cyprus. With the pandemic being slowed down on the island many of these restrictions have begun to be removed, however, this week the Greek Cypriot government (Republic of Cyprus) saw fit to place restrictions on the green line that have nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, but have everything to do with hurting the Turkish Cypriot (TRNC) economy.

The restrictions I am talking about are the ones enacted by the Greek Cypriot authorities regarding foreign nationals entering the Northern part of the island administered by the Turkish Cypriot authorities. The Greek Cypriot authorities have essentially banned any foreign nationals that don't hold permanent residency in the South (Republic of Cyprus) from entering the North (TRNC).

These restrictions aren't to slow the spread of COVID, they are a power play by the Greek Cypriot authorities to hurt the economy of Northern Cyprus. Many tourists who holiday in the North will transit through the South as it is cheaper and prevents any issues that may arise when flying into Ercan (Tymbou) airport, which is the only commercial airport in the North that is considered illegal by international standards. There is also a large expatriate community in the North who transit through the South as well, as well as using P.O. Boxes in the South to receive international mail, as the North isn't part of the international postal union, this is their only way to get mail from their home countries. It's also important to note that expatriates that reside in the North permanently with TRNC resident status would be unable to receive a new passport when their current one expires, as the only embassies on the island are situated in South Nicosia, on the Greek Cypriot side. 

The point I'm making here is that the Greek Cypriot authorities not allowing free passage through the green line is a blatant human rights violation, by potentially denying people access to their property in the North, as well as denying foreign nationals access to their mail in their P.O. Box in the South. It is also against green line regulation for either Turkish Cypriot or Greek Cypriot side to make unilateral changes to the green line crossings.

I call upon the United Nations in Cyprus and the European Union to step in and not allow this madness to continue.