Shut down Alder Hey

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Alder Hey Hopsital, Liverpool needs shutting down there seems to be more and more poor innocent children dying after rushed to this hospital. They seem to try covering up after thereselfs too not sure why or what are they hiding. 

Below are a few examples o have read about this hospital! 

The Alder Hey organs scandal involved the unauthorised removal, retention, and disposal of human tissue, including children’s organs, during the period 1988 to 1995

The pathologist at the centre of the Alder Hey Children's hospital scandal secretly ordered the removal of organs from dead infants' bodies, the General Medical Council has ruled.It found 46 out of the 48 charges proved against D*** who took the organs without relatives' consent while working in the pathology department of the Liverpool hospital between 1988 and 1994


Stacked in columns 10 deep with just a numbered plaque to distinguish them, the bodies of 50 unknown babies were yesterday lowered into a single grave after lying forgotten in laboratory store rooms for at least 25 years.

Every Thursday for the next five months the brief and solemn ceremony that took place yesterday at a Liverpool cemetery will be repeated as the remains of 1,000 unborn infants, discovered during the scandal over organ retention at the city's Alder Hey hospital, are finally laid to rest.. 

The burials come five years after one of the grimmest chapters in the NHS first came to light with the discovery of the body parts of 850 children in the cellar of the Institute of Child Health at the University of Liverpool.

A subsequent inquiry into the retention of organs from babies and foetuses born at Alder Hey found that more than 100,000 body parts, many of them taken illegally, were being held in hospitals around Britain

Monday, 29 January, 2001, 08:49 GMTOrgan scandal background

Organs were retained at the hospital without consent

The scandal at Alder Hey Children's hospital centres on the retention of hearts and organs from hundreds of children.The organs were stripped without permission from babies who died at the hospital between 1988-1996.

Hospital staff also kept and stored 400 foetuses collected from hospital around the north west of England.

A mum told of her heartbreak after her three-year-old daughter died from a mistake during surgery at Alder Hey hospital .

The hospital has apologised over the death of “happy soul” miss Parry, admitting failures in care and agreeing a settlement with her family.

Miss c had gone in for an operation to remove a Wilms' tumour, a form of kidney cancer she had been diagnosed with just a month earlier.

But Ms Parry, from North Wales, told the ECHO: “She didn’t die from cancer - she died from a surgeon that cut her arteries.


And now another poor innocent child had died the child was placed on life machine for a year and was taking off it without slowly taking him off. He survived almost 5 days before growing his wings. This baby had an army behind him and no matter how much we or his parents tried we couldn't get hospital or courts to agree for this poor baby to go to Italy for the urgent medical he deserved.if he was just allowed to go it could of saved him.

There is loads more in between these times also :( for this reasons we are begging you Mr/Mrs parlament please shut down this hospital, please protect our children let's not let anymore innocent children die. 







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