Sanctions against the State of Israel and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Following the Turkish bombing of a humanitarian convoy in Syria, Europe and the United States plan to impose sanctions on the Turkish Government.

Since 1967 (the beginning of the illegal occupation of Palestinian land defined by the UN), the State of Israel has consistently violated all resoultions and judgments of international courts as well as illegally using chemical weapons and bombing of civilian targets such as hospitals, schools. and houses. Doing irreparable damage to the population not only of the Gaza Strip but also of the West Bank.

The same is true in Yemen where the civilian population is being deprived of all rights due to the war backed by Saudi Arabia. The Saudi military has repeatedly used chemical weapons and bombs against the unarmed civilian population. Thus causing death and despair among the survivors.

Given the fact that both European countries and the United States intend to resort to sanctions and blockade of arms sales to Turkey, this petition serves to impose similar actions against the State of Israel and the State of Saudi Arabia for violations of equal severity.

The Palestinian and Yemeni civilian population who have been suffering for a long time cannot be denied justice without the correct sanction being given to the offending countries. That is, Israel and Saudi Arabia.