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John Maton Esq.

Former military dictator, General Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 ran and won against President Goodluck E. Jonathan campaigning for anti-corruption and vowing to tackle growing insecurity in Nigeria. The elections were a critical test of Nigeria’s democracy which even though were marred by gross irregularities in the north, showed the true character of President GEJ, who conceded defeat with his iconic statement “Nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian, the unity, stability and progress of our dear country is more important than anything else” simply because he knew supporters of General Buhari were ready to resort to senseless violence.
Long into his second term, General Buhari has shown no indication of fulfilling all the promises that brought him into power. Most of the non-northerners who were misguided enough to give him the benefit of the doubt have run out of excuses to give his lack of performance, while many of the northerners that do not blindly support him have chosen silence over defending his incompetence.
The same ideals that sent President GEJ out of power should repeat itself in this instance, a point must be made to the politicians of the future, Nigeria will no longer tolerate a renegade on promises and complacent incompetence! A country with almost 200million people deserves the best of anyone who steps up and offers themselves for public service, or step aside and give way to better to take his/her place!

Removal from Office of the President: To Unseat, To Depose, To Oust; The act/process prescribed by Section 143 of The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for the legislature which deprives an officer of his office. This process ends with a notification that the officer has been removed.
Impeachment: Black’s Law Dictionary defines the term ‘Impeachment’ as “the act of (by a legislative) of calling for the removal from office of a public official, by the legislative arm of government, accomplished by presenting a written charge of the official’s alleged misconduct.”
Other Key Terms: National Assembly, Legislative Arm, Misconduct, Public Official, Representatives, Term of Office, Eradication, Infrastructure, Recession, Insecurity, Patriotism, Dictatorship, Will of the People

The Necessity of Removal from Office
This necessity of this is when the senior political office holder commits an impeachable offence. This is even more so due to the fact General Buhari had promised to make the situation better and correct the failings of the GEJ administration, the reverse has been the case, the situation is despondently worse – degenerating further each day. For articles of removal from office to be relevant, the misconduct alleged must be gross. ‘Gross’ here means glaringly noticeable because of obvious inexcusable badness, or objectionableness or a conduct in breach of the constitution. Some of them are;

Insecurity: years after he has promised to solve the problem, Nigeria is plagued by multiple conflicts from jihadists and killer herdsmen to kidnappers and armed robbers. The insecurity under his watch has gone so bad, one cannot help but wonder if he at any point intended to solve the problem. Being that is it may, what rubs it in, especially for States’s like Benue and Plateau is the fact his only reaction to killings of indigenous people in these communities is they give up their lands to the invaders, making it obvious he is either incapable of controlling his relatives, or supports their murderous invasion. Killings in Nigeria have become a daily way of life with most communities being cut-off simply because the roads to them are unsafe, Boko Haram has taken over some towns and the government does nothing but give press release and spread propaganda. His appointing and recent siding with a person who should be labelled a terrorist and prosecuted only raises questions as to his own involvement with them.

Eradication of Education: the hope of a successful future of any society depends greatly on how heavy an investment it makes in the education of its youth population. A glance at the budget under General Buhari only emphasizes his lack of interest in education, it is so bad that even the Almajiri Schools set up in the North by Jonathan suffer so much neglect the children and orphans in those places have spilled out into the streets and are taken advantage of. The University lecturers are always threatening strikes because their demands for pay raise and investment in educational infrastructure is not met, making the youth population spend longer periods to complete even the shortest degree course.

Poor Health Facilities: not a lot needs to be said about this, even General Buhari acknowledges his incompetence in that department by constantly going on medical tourism, his whole family goes outside the country for treatment – as do most of the political class, wasting millions of dollars that could be better spent developing the facilities in Nigeria and paying the doctors who are constantly leaving the country in search of better pay.

Recession while it was argued President GEJ’s incompetence weakened the naira’s strength to the dollar, any rational person who considers it then and what it is now can only laugh at the irony. The naira is almost at 490 to the dollar and General Buhari seems to forget he promised it was one of the things he would change. Food has become scarce and expensive, bags of rice that were 8,000 naira under President GEJ are almost at 30,000 under General Buhari. It is simply obvious that this administration either has no idea of economics or simply do not care to fix the problem as is seen by the indiscriminate printing of money. This all without even considering the National debt General Buhari has plunged the country into.

Divisive and Retrogressive Policies: the calls for secession are justified for two reasons, Nigerians from other parts of the country and the minority can no longer be assured of General Buhari’s desire to fairly allocate resources, and he has clearly shown by appointments in virtually all the parts of government that he is tribalistic and does not believe in uniting the people. This unlike the policies of President GEJ, can only ferment trouble and discontent.

Deteriorating Infrastructure: the second tenure has had Nigerians abandoning all hope’s of performance, especially when it comes to infrastructure, this would have been okay if even the existing ones were well-maintained. Monuments and public buildings and facilities lie in a sorry state of disrepair, which begs the question “what really is General Buhari doing with all that money?”.

Lack of Patriotism: from constructing a rail-line of no benefit to Nigeria to another country, to siding with killer herdsmen and releasing terrorist and putting them on salary instead of prosecuting them, General Buhari has glaringly shown anti-patriotic tendencies unbefitting the office he so strongly clings to. Nigeria needs a president that will put the people first, not one who would use its resources and influence for his selfish agenda.

Dictatorial Tendencies/Abuse of the Rule of Law: no administration since the advent of democracy is more guilty of blatant disregard to the rule of law, disobedience of the courts and judgements is an established fact nobody seems to bother speaking about and the refusal to grant autonomy to the judiciary only show that he has no respect for the constitution and no respect for the need for the rule of law. This and others are an attitude that cannot be tolerated from the person who occupies the most important seat of power in Nigeria.

The removal from office of General Buhari is the only political weapon the people have against all the incompetence shown so far. It is a solution to the problems that have befallen Nigeria since he stepped into office. His failure to perform the constitutional role and responsibilities of President should show Nigerians that the only way to stop politicians from abusing office is to make an example out of him.
We the People must realise this is a very serious matter; it is not only about firing the “number one citizen” from office but it is more about correcting a mistake and not resigning ourselves to hopeless patience till the term of the person in office expires.
Nigerians need not wait till the next elections to make their voices heard and their votes count.

Provisions of Section 143 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) on Removal of the President from Office
Many Nigerians are unaware of the constitutional procedures for removing public officers from office. Of those that are aware, many do not believe it is worth the time nor that it will ever be possible. A quick summary of the procedures is;
A notice of gross misconduct be signed by not less than one-third of the members of each house of National assembly
Senate President transmit copy to President and each member in 7days
President’s reply, served to each member
Each house resolves by motion passed by minimum of two-thirds majority without debate
Senate President within 7days requests Chief Justice to appoint Panel of 7
Panel reports findings in 3months
Resolution for adoption of report
Supported by not less than two-thirds majority, and President shall be removed on day of adoption

This procedure amounts to a vote of no confidence by the people,
All in all, removal from office follows as a natural consequence of the violation of constitutional provisions by a person holding a public position. In other words, the machinery of removal from office is put in motion, not only upon the violation of a constitutional provision; but also, when a President or Vice President, Governor or Deputy Governor indulges in act unbecoming of a person holding such an office.

General Buhari learn from President GEJ, take the honorable path and step down/resign from office;
Nigerian youth start the recall process of any representative that stands against the will of the people;
The people not relent demands are met;

John Apollos Maton Esq. DRS. ChMC. ACIArb (UK).
John (aka Macham) is the first of four children born to Mr. & Dr. Apollos Maton of Daffo, Bokkos LGA, Plateau State, Nigeria.
He is a Dispute Resolution Specialist & Community Advocate who is Passionate about achieving Sustainable Development, Leadership, Rights Protection, Education, Technology, Literature, and Physical Fitness.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!