Put solar on all new and renovated buildings in the EU

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It's time we install solar panels on all new and renovated buildings in the EU - homes, offices, schools, warehouses, government buildings – every roof you can imagine!   

We have to take urgent action on climate change. According to the UN, we only have 12 years to limit its dangerous effects.

Installing solar on all new buildings and those undergoing renovations makes perfect sense: the building sector accounts for 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. We can reduce this significantly by installing solar on all new and renovated buildings. 

Fact: Installing solar on all new and renovated buildings in the EU can save up to 7 million tonnes of CO2 each year.

Fact:  European households can save money on their electricity bills and have access to reliable and clean energy – that makes for a greener future. In Germany, a typical four-person family household with an average annual electricity consumption of 3,600 kWh could save more than € 500 each year, if equipped with an average size rooftop system.

Fact: The price of solar has dropped by more than 96% since 2000, making it affordable for everyone. Whether you own or rent your home, or you are a landlord, investing in solar is low-cost, with an estimated payback time of around 10 years and a warranted lifespan of up to 30 years. Today, you can buy a small-scale solar system to produce clean electricity for you and your family's needs for far less than a long distance holiday with kids.   

Despite these facts, buildings are still regularly being constructed without solar. In the EU, more than 90% of roofs go unused, when they could help mitigate climate change by having solar installed on them.

As we face a climate emergency, can we really afford to miss this opportunity?

Sign this petition to call for legislation to have solar on all new and renovated buildings in the European Union.