Police Brutality killed Sammy, We demand Justice because ALL Lives Matter....!

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Samuel Seewald a 23 year old German national and EU citizen was brutally shot and killed by police in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

According to the police report Samuel was threatening himself and the police, but the video of the incident used by media outlets shows approximately 8 to 10 police officers surrounding Samuel, one with a police dog approaching him from behind and forcefully hitting in the head, knocking him to the ground. Samuel screams loudly, and the next thing you hear is shots fired, paw, paw, paw, contradicting the official police narrative.

The video clearly shows excessive force and the unconscionable  killing of a young man who was in Amsterdam to celebrate his birthday.

The media frenzy forced people all over the world, including Europe to protest the incident of police brutality against George Floyd in America. Now the police brutality against Samuel Seewald needs to be investigated because it was was intentional violence, murder with a deadly weapon in broad daylight, by people who are supposed to protect the public. If Europeans protest against the police brutality in America, the police brutality in Amsterdam should not be tolerated. It cannot be justified or reasoned away.

 We demand justice for Sammy because ALL Lives Matter....!