Petition the EU Parliament to keep the nomenclature "milk" for non dairy drinks.

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The EU voted in favor of an amendment known as the ‘dairy ban’. This would stop plant-based dairy producers from using descriptive terms that are similar to the ones used by the dairy industry (i.e. "almond Milk").

At this time, EU law already bans the use of terms including ‘almond milk’ or ‘vegan cheese’. However, the new rules would go further.

Consequently, descriptors such as ‘yogurt-style’ and ‘cheese-alternative’ could now be banned too. In addition, the rules could prevent companies from using packaging styles such as butter blocks and milk cartons.

These are far-reaching and entirely unnecessary restrictions on non-dairy products, enforced by the lobbyist in Brussels.

It does nothing for consumers except confuse them. 

The ban also contradicts the EU’s stated objectives in the European Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy. These seek to ‘create healthier and more sustainable food systems’.

We call on the European Union to reject the adopted restriction on plant-based dairy products during the trilogues.