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Maldives Against US President's Decision on Jerusalem

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Dear Representatives of EU, UK & the UNSC,

I am writing in regards to what my fellow Maldivians are writing to you about. The issue of Jerusalem and how Donald Trump is going against International Law and common decency against world opinion to support the apartheid Israeli military in its quest to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

This is a slap in the face of every Palestinian who is a Muslim and Christian. This is their land, this is their history that is being erased by right-wing policy from the President of the United States.

We understand that the European Union has advised against this. However, in our opinion, the EU has failed to demand Donald Trump to not cross this red line that all other US President's have shown some understanding towards.

For the EU to grow stronger in their relations with the Muslim world, they need to show the Muslim population that they stand against the growing right-wing support for Apartheid Israel, as well as Donald Trump's policy to give an occupying force land that does not belong to Israel.

How can there be any peace if the victims of occupation are being ripped of what is most sacred to them, Jerusalem!
We urge the EU to show a more public stance against Donald Trump and become a credible peace-maker, which the United States has failed completely.

Your urgency is highly appreciated,

Thanking You,

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