kiwi​.​com is a scam! (Estafa)JUSTICE FOR THE VICTIMS. We want the refund of our money.

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There are a lot of people of different places of the world that have been scammed by This is a company which play with the dreams of real people without any consequences. A lot of money is lost every day for the people that trust on this company buying tickets with the expectation to could travel and what they don’t know is that for one or other reason they are gonna lost the tickets, the money and the effort of a lot of time to get that money to get those dreams. 
It is incredible how in all the social media of, Instagram, Twitter..) there are a lot of comments of these victims trying to find a way to make those dreams true, trying to show that their rights have been violated and feelings of frustration because only try to cheat all these people saying things like : “Hi Dawn, I totally understand your frustration over the matter. Unfortunately, the cancellation of the flights and the speed of the refund processing is completely out of our control and fully depends on the carriers. On the other hand, we can check your booking and see what we can do for you to urge the matter. Kindly send us a Private message with your booking details to proceed. Thanks, Ben”. But finally is only a cheat and distraction because the money never come back. I would like that our voice be heard and maybe this is a good media to find justice in some place of the world. We would like to find help and to have our money back, because we all know that this money represents a lot of effort and hard work of all these victims.