#Justice4Cuba : European Union, STOP financing the Cuban dictatorship

#Justice4Cuba : European Union, STOP financing the Cuban dictatorship

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Léo Juvier-Hendrickx started this petition to European Parliament and

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European Parliament

The violations of basic human rights continues everyday in the island of Cuba. We continue to report on arbitrary detentions, tortures, and persecutions of dissidents who dare to demand for a change of system. We know that the cuban dictatorship commits crimes against humanity, like in the case of Dr. Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, where agents of the Cuban State inoculated him with the HIV virus, or the case of his sister Omara Ruiz Urquiola, where her medical cancer treatment was denied and mismanaged in an attempt to eliminate her. 

We know that the new constitution is a charade, and that new laws aim at restricting and penalizing freedom of speech as in the case of LEY 370. This law is  applied freely to silence artists and anyone with a dissenting voice. 

As part of the free cuban civil society we demand the European Parliament to stop funding the cuban dictatorship in the form of the EU-Cuba Agreement. The money from the European Union only helps to continue keeping the cuban people in poverty and under a dictatorial regime that violates their basic human rights. 

We want to testify to human rights violations; state repression and the lack of fundamental, human, economic and spiritual freedoms of the Cuban people.

WE NEED YOUR COOPERATION FOR A DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION, Not a continuous support for a dictatorial and totalitarian regime !

In November 2018, the European Parliament approved a resolution condemning the human rights violations perpetrated by the Cuban government asking, calling on VP/HR Federica Mogherini to:

Recognize the existence of a political opposition to the Cuban Government and to support its inclusion in the political dialogue between the EU and Cuba; reminds the European institutions that civil society and those awarded the Sakharov Prize are key actors for the democratisation of Cuba and that their voice must be heard and taken into account within the framework of bilateral relations; in this sense, calls on all EU Member State representatives to raise human rights concerns during visits with the Cuban authorities and to meet with the Sakharov Prize laureates when visiting Cuba in order to ensure the internal and external coherence of EU human rights policy. 

EU cooperation with Cuba currently gives EUR 43 million for sustainable agriculture and food security (SDG 2), EUR 22.6 million for renewable energy (SDG 7), EUR 21.1 million for the environment, including projects to fight against global warming and response to its effects, EUR 20 million for sustainable culture and cities programs, EUR 11 million for sustainable economic growth, EUR 5.8 million for the fight against inequalities, plus EUR 3 million for cooperation in higher education and research and EUR 1.3 million to foreign trade, framed by SDG 17

All of this aid and money is largely administered by the Revolutionary Armed Forces and their affiliates. The people have no knowledge of this aid to which these millionaire investments are destined.


Cuba is a one party communist dictatorship ! 


Léo Juvier-Hendrickx 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!