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End Discrimination of Minorities in Crimea

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In March 2014, the territory of Crimea, formally belonging to the Ukraine, was annexed by the Russian Federation following the Ukrainian revolution. A referendum census was illegally put forward in which fraudulent results were documented. 

 Three years later and the situation in Crimea is one of catastrophic measures. As of March 2017, the European Parliament has released a statement , declaring that abuse of human rights, violation of freedom of speech/expression and forced imposition of Russian citizenship, courtesy of the Russian Federation in Crimea, has been reported as a daily occurrence. Even today, many unlawfully detained Ukrainian and Tatar prisoners are sent to Russian prisons where they are subject to abominable treatment that infringes on countless aspects of human rights.

Even when confronted with facts, the Russian Federation denies all allegations  of human rights violations; instead, they send hundreds of Russian citizens to drown out the voice of the Ukrainian minorities. Many schools, churches/mosques and Ukrainian/Tatar owned businesses have been closed down or forcibly removed . Unjustified censorship is implemented on independent media companies that look to fight for the truth as they are blocked out by the infamous propaganda machine that is, the Russian Federation. In addition to these atrocities, political journalists and reporters suspiciously go missing, are unlawfully deported or are threatened with arrest. For those who remain in Ukraine: they face extreme oppression from the government and the media. 

The reason I am writing this petition is because I know that those left fighting for their future and freedom in Crimea need our help now more than ever. I am calling upon the world to expose the Russian Federation and its vile dictator, Vladimir Putin, on the human rights atrocities and treaty violations he has enforced on many nations, especially Ukraine, with little to no media attention and intervention. I would like to see an increase of basic human rights for the native citizens of the land of Ukraine and I would like the Ukrainians and Tatars currently living in Crimea to receive the same rights as Russian citizens. How will this be done, you may ask? Through constant and thorough intervention of justice seekers everywhere. Please sign and share this petition to curb Vladimir Putin and his army of Oligarchs, by shining the spotlight on the numerous  illegal actions he has enforced. Global awareness may be the only way of ridding Putin of his strongest ally; propaganda. I call on all those who believe and use their own freedom of expression, religion and assembly to realize that when there is injustice in one part of the world, it may as well be in your part of the world. 

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