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Have the European Parliament hear and recognise the Republic of Catalonia

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On October 27th the Catalan Parliament declared the independence of the Republic of Catalonia. This is as a result of the October 1st referendum that, despite the violent opposition of the Spanish authorities, brought millions to the voting polls to give the Catalan Parliament the mandate of a Declaration of Independence.

Catalonia has a distinct culture, language, institutions and political system. Catalans have declared their independent republic several times in the last few hundreds of years, and have always found violent opposition from Spain. 

It is time to change that. In a time where people should build their nations, we appeal to the citizens of Europe to show that our home is not a ruthless conglomerate of states, but that their citizens can have a word and help their European brothers to decide who they are, and support them in leading their societies and communities to find their place among the peoples of Europe.

We request the European Parliament, as the most sovereign and the only directly elected body of the European Union to consider and recognize the Republic of Catalonia, and to facilitate its integration in the European Union, not depriving Catalan citizens of their rights as fellow Europeans.

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