Green Peace in Ukraine

Green Peace in Ukraine

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Started by Siri Corsepius

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I want to stop the war in Ukraine. I want to stop Putin. But I don't think there is any point in driving the Russian President into a corner.

When he notices that he can't win the war, that his own people, the Russians in the Ukraine and in Russia are against him, he might completely freak out and start using nuclear weapons.
If he is to make peace, he must be given a chance to emerge from the war with dignity.
Therefore I suggest the following.
A Green - Peace !
I would like to be able to tell Putin the following :
"Good morning Mr. Putin
I think people have woken up now.
Let's start listening to each other in Nobel (place of peace negotiations).
Maybe you can still get the Nobel Peace Prize?
Please stop our own extinction by fossil fuels or radioactivity.

Please convince NATO that there is no other peace but a green Peace!

Peace is creating something. 

Kind regards,
A loving human being who wants to live
Siri Corsepius, Norway

The picture is from the Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov. 

900 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!