Get the EP to ensure affordable housing for everyone in the EU

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[UPDATE: 30 June] We're pleased to share the news that our team were invited to address the #EuropeanParliament. Watch the livestream of Andrew Funk, founder of #HomelessEntrepreneur and myself, Julia Boehme, as we addressed the PETI Committee on our plan to #stophomelessness.

[UPDATE: 18 May]
We are pleased to update everyone to say our petition to the European Parliament (EP) has been officially received, and we have a number 0546/2020. Signing this petition will add weight to the version we sent to the EP and ensure our voices are heard, together we can #stophomelessness  

In April 2020, the European Union approved a €500 billion package to stop the spread of the #coronavirus—we call on the European Parliament to explicitly direct how countries should best use some of that money to ensure all Europeans have access to affordable housing, including current and near homeless people. No one should be homeless during a pandemic, and no one should have to worry about asking for help during this uncertain time.

Sign the petition for the estimated 4 million homeless in Europe and add your voice to a petition that was sent to the European Parliament on the 14th of May. This petition asks the European Parliament to issue the following three guidelines to all countries in the European Union:

  1. All housing programmes should have no barriers of entry. 
    Many housing programmes should have minimal requirements to help people into housing quickly, and without stigma. A “housing first” approach successfully used in Finland, will help people have access to housing without the added stress of having to jump through hoops. 
  2. All housing programmes should provide a supportive pathway to independence through incentivising employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. Any efforts should also be proactive in maintaining job-security which will assist people in maintaining stable long-term housing. People must have access to programmes that help them get a job, like the one in Sweden which supports people’s re-entry to job market through lower taxes, or the #HomelessEntrepreneur model based on housing, work and active citizenship including finding a purpose for people.
  3. Programmes should prevent and minimise causes of homelessness. In many cities rising rents are to blame for people being forced out of their homes, cities like Paris have programmes to expand social housing through buying properties to prevent rent increases. Homes should be affordable, and governments should support any efforts to ensure that homes remain at a reasonable cost.

By following these guidelines, countries will have a solid framework to tackle homelessness and ensure affordable housing throughout the European Union. For most of us, we were fortunate enough to #stayhome during the #Coronavirus but an estimated 4 million were not so lucky.

Sign the petition to ensure everyone has the right to affordable housing. #stophomelessness

The petitioners of the European Parliament version is signed by Julia Boehme, with Andrew Funk, Marie-May de Greslan & Jessica Jones-Langley.