Free Mulla Krekar

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Dr.  Abbas (London)

Democracy in the time of coronavirus and the case of Mulla Krekar

My brothers and sisters and humanity we face unbelievable human crisis in Norway and Italy. 

In such a difficult time like now when the coronavirus has invaded the Whole world, if not all, most of it is countless human losses, and material. The case of Mulla Krekar and the way how Norway delivered him to Italy, did not and will not be seen on the face of the earth this is happened and something I did not find Any logical or rational explanation and I couldn't accept that it was normal. (The case of Mulla Krekar) 

When the state of Norway delivered (Mulla Krykạr) to the Italian authorities at this very bad time, it turns all the scales and put a thousand or more doubts and question marks on European Democracy and Human right ?????
Is it reasonable at a time and in circumstances like this to that a prisoner is delivered from one state to another while all the countries of the world declared a state of emergency and raised their risk levels to the highest degrees?????
Is it humanity to send an old man in his 65 of age suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes to a contaminants and dangerous place like Italy although everyone who works in the field of medicine and health warns and confirms that special attention is given to the elderly and The chronic diseases of this deadly virus??????

The image of democracy that you give to the whole world is failed, everything you said and everything you claimed are far from what in the eyes of humanity that Europe and specially Norway and Italy are the official sponsor of democracy and human rights and I am challenge To prove otherwise.

Italy people and government and must be careful of the consequences of this act, you are not aware of god war. We all have seen the countries of Europe and the world, leading to the religious side and calling all communities and religions to pray and pray to survive these The Disaster, especially the recent call for Muslims to pray in public on the streets of Europe and raise the mosque Adhaan, is it possible that you now hurt a Muslim scientist or preacher (Mullah Krekar)?

If you are accusing (Al-Mulla Krekar) as a terrorist without evidence, we are all proud of him and we are all terrorists, Norwegian country faced Mulla Krekar all these years and after 63 courts he was declared innocent and they did not prove any From the charges, then in the mafia style that Italy was known internationally, he accused, tried and sentenced to 12 years in prison, and then the same way the mafia works after midnight in agreement with Norway, there is no one being informed in advance and without the knowledge of his family or his own lawyer. In Such democratic acts have and will not happen anywhere in the world except Italy and Norway. Here I would like to point out that what Italy and Norway have done is considered and classified according to international standards and the United Nations by an international terrorist act.

It is important for Italy to know that in the event of abuse or harm this preacher, this action will have consequences and reactions that italy reputation among the countries of the world.

A lot of people, countries or companies have started to re-account and work to change their policies that they were operating before this global crisis and here I can say that this deadly virus has restored people some of their human qualities and proved that they were wrong In their way and what they were doing. But those who have done what they have done prove with the proof that they return Islam and Muslims, also in this act, they have no connection to democracy or humanity.
There is no logical explanation for the transfer of mullah from Norway to Italy, but these two countries have agreed to execute this man in a non-traditional way but the result is the same.
I am here calling on all those who speak in the name of humanity and defend the rights of democracy to explain to us what is the necessity of this action and especially at this time????

Is it reasonable that a person is accused and a court is sentenced to 12 years in prison without knowing anything about his court or having a lawyer to defend him???? I don't think democratic states recognize the mock trials but they may find An exception to this situation, either you are giving up the truth or you want to make false on those who do not sin!!!!!! we need free Mulla Krekar returns him to Norway or any country he choose.