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The European Youth Event (EYE) is a great opportunity to gather and collaborate with young people for a better Europe in the future. The increasing number of participants from 2014 to 2016 clearly indicates the appreciation of young Europeans for that opportunity. As such a huge event in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, it represents a direct European experience and thus strengthens the sense of a United Europe in times of rising nationalism und populism across the continent. It offers a platform for political participation of young people who can share their knowledge, network and create a vision of a more democratic Europe.

Nevertheless the EYE mainly attracts a specific target group consisting of young well educated people who already gained international experiences and are able to afford the expanses linked to the EYE: i.e. accommodation, travel costs and food.

Due to those expanses and a lack of financial support, the EYE is addressing specific socioeconomic groups of young people and excluding other groups from the event’s advantages. Hence it is a highly exclusive and unrepresentative event.

To make the EYE more inclusive and representative, the European Parliament should provide free accommodation (i.e. in high school gymnasia) and free travel from any European Country to the event.

If you agree with the proposals mentioned above and want to make the European Youth Event 2018 and future EYE’s more inclusive, please 1) sign and 2) share the petition.

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