EU of Flexible Borders: Grant a Region's Independence if 2/3 of voters in favour

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A solution to multiple conflicts: Catalonia, Northern Ireland, Flanders, Bavaria, Brittany, ...

It is obvious, as John Lennon among so many others clearly stated, that one world without borders, where we all move freely and speak the same language, is to everyone's and to humanity's benefit as a whole.

But also inherent to humans and other big apes is the territorial attitude which promotes local barriers, differences and divisions, likely product of selfish genes' protection.

In the name of fair positive discrimination, to favour minorities and to compensate for the brutal ways countries & empires formed in the past, a wave of revenge and hatred towards globalisation and existing main countries and languages has spread.
A more subtle but just as ruthless persecution is being done, but this time locally, against a naturally spreading majority, without weapons, undercover.

We must urgently face and solve this problem of ever increasing populisms across European regions - encouraged, spread and reinforced by regionalistic indoctrination through education. More common in areas of a country where a different language, dialect, human race or religion exists.

This proposition seeks to solve the undesired but existing conflict between a borderless unified Europe and regions wishing to break away and gain independence from it.

Houston, we have a Problem.
This or Any solution can only partly satisfy both opposed sides.

At a much smaller scale, there are some local property laws in European countries where the splitting of a small community of people is allowed, as long as there's either unanimity or a majority of at least 2/3 of all those involved.
No doubt dividing a community into smaller independent parts will be mostly detrimental, complicate its running, duplicate efforts and increase costs and bureaucracy, therefore the protective high % required.

Obviously at a grander country-size scale, the damage and loss would be much greater and a percentage never smaller than those should be considered.

But still, one cannot ignore a strong desire of an ample majority of more than 2/3 of people in a region.
It may be a big mistake, taking a region a step back behind in a global World, but that's the way history has proved it works: on step behind, then 2 forward.
Denying or crushing the urge only reinforces the blind desire.

To listen to and honour the dissatisfaction and wishes of those affected and tackle this serious threat to European principles and unity before it is too late - acting democratically, but at the same time safeguarding the obvious immense benefits of an otherwise naturally occurring globalisation and unification of countries and peoples,

I propose the European Union to pass of the following principles:

1- Give the right to any European region to split up and gain independence from the country it belongs to and from the European Union, when so stated in a transparent democratic poll by a majority of at least two thirds of the voters of that region.

2- Give and actively promote the right of any two or more countries to merge and unify as one for all purposes, when so stated in a transparent democratic poll by at least 50% of the voters of those countries.

3- The region/s voting for change must bear the full cost of the whole process.

4- The region or countries opting for such changes should also be allowed to reconsider their position by periodical votes every, say, 10 or 20 years, according to the previous points.