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EU censure of the Spanish state for violence against the Catalan voters

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Today the Spanish Government is using the Guardia Civil, a military guard, to stop the referendum for independence in Catalonia. Violence, including rubber bullets, is being used by this military guard against the civil population who are queuing to vote.

We ask the European Parliament to censure the methods used and consider whether to monitor Spain under Article 7 of the EU Treaty.

Article 7 was established as a way to hold countries accountable for rights violations. EU countries must meet rules on democratic governance and human rights to join the bloc, and Article 7 was a way of allaying fears that nations with checkered pasts wouldn’t fall back into bad habits.

What is Article 7?

An EU infringement procedure to be used against member countries that have committed fundamental rights violations.

There are two parts — Article 7.1 would allow the Council to give a formal warning to any country accused of violating fundamental rights. If that doesn’t have the desired effect, Article 7.2 would impose sanctions and suspend voting rights.

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