Establish a CO2-label to end our polluting consumption before it is too late

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Anna Ögren
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The European Union aims to encourage the internal market including free movement of citizens and goods. The fundamental principle is social-, economic and ecological sustainability towards the goal of sustainable development. We are EU-citizens from Sweden, reflecting over the shipping of groceries to our local stores. We have noticed that a majority of these products are shipped with long-distance transports. Long transports equal massive release of harmful greenhouse-gases. Simultaneously, media reports about local farmers lack of resources, which undermines social- and economical sustainability. The solution of these negative effects is an increased number of local-produce in our grocery stores, whilst EU´s primary goal is to support internal market with free competition. How can EU´s goals of sustainable development and free competition combine?

Our proposal is a grocery-label clarifying the total CO2-release of the product, from the production-line to the store. This label should be clearly visible on the package or in connection to disposal, enabling consumers to make active choices of products with lower CO2-release. In that way, increased disposal of local-produce with shorter transports can support the local producers using eco-friendly production methods, while consumers consciously can decrease their environmental effect to reach EU´s goal: Sustainable development!

Climate change is a fact and we need to act fast to decrease our polluting consumption before it is too late!