Call for meaningful and urgent technical help from the EU to fight COVID-19 in Italy

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Dear Friends, Italy urgently needs effective help to fight coronavirus to save lives! The technical and human capacity of Italian hospitals is on the edge. We call upon effective and shared people-centered response. For some reason, Italy has been left alone by the EU to face the problem, that does not recognize the frontiers. We forgot, that the EU is not only the Single Market but a common house. Today our house is facing the common challenge to be tackled together. We call upon the EU Commission to provide EFFECTIVE AND URGENT technical assistance to Italian hospitals that need medical staff and equipment. The situation with COVID 19 has demonstrated the lack of collective action, the ineffectiveness of the risk-management in the EU, low level of cooperation, solidarity, coordination and support when it is needed most. Given the limited technical capacity, Italian doctors are forced to prioritize ICU for patients with the best chance of survival. The technical capacity to help has become a constraint and a driving factor of such decisions. These ridiculous constraints challenge the right to life and the right to health,  question the effectiveness of the common response to COVID-19 and the effectiveness of the EU institutions and the EU administration. Italy is tacking the common problem on the edge of its technical capacity. It is not a matter of the billions to be received after, the decisions about lives are taken today.