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Bring to light Child Case Conferences through Taped Audio Accountability in Closed Courts

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I am currently in a High Court proceedings in Northern Ireland where I have proven that The Trust involved in my Family case have repeatedly committed Perjury in there evidence that has been put before the courts, in particular I have seen that as a common man who has sat at the back of the court the Trust seems to be able to lie and also disregard evidence that includes concerns of a sexual abuse, it is total Evident to me that in order to remove the void that exists in accountability, The law must change to have a detailed account of meetings in child protection Conferences, the Neglect that threatens the whole structure that is family life is being lost in Human era and also deception, as children are not a money making commodity I put it to whoever will care to listen that this closed court arena is an environment for modern day child slavery, it is totally apparent in my battle that the bodies who are masquerading under the banner of trust are actual anything but trust worthy legal trickery in the court arena is a despicable act with a total disregard for life itself... Please Sign this petition to show your support for the laws to be changed my issues are here in the Royal High Courts of Justice under the Roof and watchful eye of the Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan... I am currently in front of The Honourable Justice O'Hara and i have just brought to Court the Rev Mark Niblock from Saint Anne's Cathedral and endured the the despicable act of lies being told in the presence of the Rev Mark Niblock... I hope and pray that you can grasp the necessity of such bodies to be held true to the word Trust that will give Families a better chance to flourish... Data protection would be better safe guarded through Encrypted audio recordings that protect all involved.

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