I want to make menstrual related products free for women in the European Union.

I want to make menstrual related products free for women in the European Union.

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Started by Sinn Chris

Menstruation: It’s something natural, so let’s make it free

What happens when they are not?

The first questions that come to my mind related to menstruation, as a man, are these:

Toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels are free in the public places but why aren’t tampons and pads?

Menstruation is as normal and as important as our other biological needs so why should women pay for it?

This project is written as a research paper and its goal is to demonstrate the importance of having tampons and menstrual related products, free of charge for all women in the country of Netherlands and Europe altogether, possibly even the World.

But in order to understand why this should have such a high degree of importance in the Dutch and European\Worldwide Social policies and parliament, we must understand what menstruation means to people and the importance of supporting it.

““Women's regular bleeding engenders phantoms.”
― Paracelsus”

             Heavy bleedings forced about 31% of the questioned women to go visit their family doctor and around one in seven (14,4%) to visit a gynaecologist. Doing so requires a certain amount of income and monetary prowess. Unfortunately, some women in the Netherlands don’t have that. That being said, around one in seven employees (14% or 4514) said they had to take time off from work or school during their period with nearly 3,5% saying it happened nearly on every menstrual cycle. This as a whole can impact any possible business out there negatively in such a manner that they would be economically more beneficial to support these women with free menstrual products or medication rather than have them lose out on a working day. 

How you might ask? Let me give you an example. If your company has a monthly income of 80,000 Euro and you have about 30 employees that the labor productivity would equal to 2,666 Euro per Employee which would mean 16,65 Euro per hour worked (160 Hours\ month) or 133,2 Euro per day of potential income. Buying menstrual related products and items would cost you approximately 60 Euro per person (Ibuprofen, Ovulation support pills, Vaginal pads etc.) which would be considered a monthly expense whereas a lost working day would cost 133,2 Euro daily. Sure, these calculations may vary depending on the net income of a company but a lost working day would surely be more impactful than some much needed medical expenses. Some expenses that women shouldn’t pay for just because they are built different than us men. Same would go for governments or any other institution. 

I need your support to make it happen. I want to present a full on research I am doing on the importance of having menstrual products given for free to every woman out there. I need you to help me deliver a massage of empathy and understanding towards their monthly pain and the dangers they face. I WANT US TO FACE THEM TOGETHER. As we should, a community. 

42 have signed. Let’s get to 50!