Support Greece

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According to the situation in Greece because of the action's taken by Turkey and the too little support from the European Union. I hereby open this petition to help Greece and the greek people to overcome the migration crisis. In the last week's Turkey decided to open it's borders again.This violates the agreement that was made in 2016 sharply. The European Union has payed Turkey a fair amount of money to keep it's borders closed for refugees.Besides the fact that the majority of the migrants don't come from war-affected regions in the world. So the status "refugee" does only apply to a small group of the people that come to the EU.
A refugee is by definition a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disasters. But the majority of the people are so called economic migrants.A economic migrant is by definition a person who travels from one country or area to another in order to improve their standard of living. And for those people there is no right to asylum. We ask the European Union with our signature on this petition to offer Greece immediately more help and to condem Turkey for the violations of the 2016 agreement. The Greek-Turkish border shall be protected by a huge amount of soldiers and volunteers so that the illegal trespassing of illegal migrants to the EU is prevented immediately. The Greek Millitary is fighting for weeks now to keep the border closed. But only a few countries like Italy, Poland, Germany, France and Austria have sent help to the Greek authorities yet. In addition, the participation of many nations is hypocritical by sending only like 8 people to the border. This situation can not continue. The European Union has the duty to help and protect Greece from actions of non-member nation's.Turkey's actions against Greece must be condemned immediately.These include the opening of it's borders violating against the 2016 agreement,military actions against Greece like the ongoing airspace violations and violations in the Aegean. Greece shouldn't stay alone again with its problems. 

• Official letter of the European Parliament to Turkey condemning the violations.

• Discussion about possible trade embargoes or other punishments against Turkey

• Closure of the Greek border and possible construction of a border wall.

• Relief for Greece by the distribution and registration of refugees from the islands
to other member states of the EU.

• Strict limitation on immigration to the European Union and deportation of migrants from safe countries.

• More foreign aid help for third world countries to reduce reasons for migration.