A letter to the EU from UK citizens in the EU.

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To the European Parliament,

We speak as citizens of the United Kingdom living in the EU who remain committed to the European Union and deeply regret our government's decision to withdraw from the EU, and oppose Brexit in any form. 

We would like to apologise for the appalling attitude shown towards the EU by the United Kingdom. We believe the government's handling of the Brexit negotiations has been chaotic and inept, and has shown nothing but contempt for the EU.

We believe that the negotiating position taken up by our government and published in their recent White Paper is unreasonable, unworkable and ill-considered. This position does not reflect the will of the British people, nor is it in their interests. In the meantime, our government has diverted billions of pounds and a huge amount of other resources from initiatives that would have been of genuine benefit to our country and its people.

The EU referendum in 2016 has been proven to be flawed. In particular Leave groups have been fined for illegal activities, and  British people living in the EU were denied a vote. The narrow margin by which people voted to leave in no way justifies the demands being made by our government.

Over the past two years, people have begun to understand the implications for our country of withdrawal from the EU. Whatever people voted for, nobody voted to be poorer, and it has become clear that, with the exception of a few very wealthy individuals, any form of withdrawal from the EU will leave everyone in the United Kingdom worse off and may jeapordize our rights as citizens of the EU.

Many people who voted to leave the EU are now regretting their decision. Every benefit of Brexit proposed by our government has been shown beyond any reasonable doubt to have neither substance nor credibility. It is clear that the only reason our government continues to pursue Brexit is to serve the private and personal interests of a minority of elected representatives and a small wealthy elite.

We identify as European, and believe that Brexit is a huge mistake for the United Kingdom and Europe alike. We will therefore continue to campaign vigourously to reverse Brexit and restore our country's membership of the EU at the earliest opportunity.