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"Raise your voice for justice, for democracy" Help for the freedom of political prisoners.

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With due respect to all of you, we are writing this petition to save the justice, to stop humiliating innocent people in the name of justice. To help the innocent people jailed for their political ideas, different from those who are in the power, where the judiciary system not respecting the fundamental rights and violating the basic rights of the people.

Ladies and Gentlemen! This is regarding the Spanish judiciary system. As you all know what has happened in Catalonia. The Catalan leaders are jailed, they are being humiliated, and their fundamental rights are being attacked. The leaders elected by millions of people. Just because their political ideology is different from the ruling party in Spain. Just because they followed the feelings of the millions of people of Catalonia.

On Thursday 2nd of November 2017, ministers of the Catalan government were jailed, not to forget for two other leaders also jailed, because of their political ideas. All these leaders were not even given time to prepare their defense, once they were notified, in less than 24 hours they were in the Spanish jails. Moreover, they were humiliated while taking them to the jails. Here are the press links;



Have they motivated any violence? = NO

Do they belong to any terrorist group? = NO

Any corruption charges? = NEVER

These people are engaged with any violence act? = NO


So, Why are they in the jail ?

Ladies and Gentlemen! Their crime is that they called for the peaceful protests against the injustice. Their crime is to obey the mandate of the public who elected them. Their crime is that they wish the better possibilities for their country. Their crime is that they want better social life, better economic conditions, with better civil rights for the public and better livings for the people of their country.

The whole world knows that Catalan issue is a political issue, and to be solved politically. Not by using the police force, as seen on 1st of October, more than 900 hundred people were injured by the Spanish military police.

We demand to the international courts to intervene immediately in to the matter, help for the freedom of innocent people. We demand the international courts, international community and human rights organizations to insist the Spanish government and Spanish courts to free the political prisoners. We demand a political solution for the Catalan issue.



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