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I'm 17 & Portuguese, at the moment living in United of kingdom, my parents are African. As most of you, guys should know what is going on in the world. A few days ago, there were pictures scattered, in all social media, about SLAVERY IN LIBYA!/HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Can you all believe? Are we not in 2017?! This people were deceived, by the sellers that told them, that they would go to Europe, to have better life conditions, they would do anything to help them. They forced some of the people for selling they little stuff to other people, so they would never worry of what they did left behind! And I keep asking myself, how you are capable to do something like this? How? Lying to other people just to get money! There is female and males, children and teenagers that are forced to work! Females that are rapped and then thrown away as rubbish, males forced to work, they could not resist otherwise they get killed or beaten up.

The most saddest thing is that television is the most captivating, way to know/watch news, but they have not shown anything on television! As if nothing is going on around! We do all remember what did happened in Manchester? What about Paris/Nice? What about in London, in Westminster? Did not all television/Social media stopped and talked about it for more than a week? So why we not doing the same? Why they are indifferent to us? My solution for today is that this petition gets ONU'S hands, European commission, to someone higher who has the power to rescue, those who are suffering, because they thought that their dream would turn true, that one day they would go to Europe to get a better life! This dream, turned into a nightmare.

Help our brothers and sister that are stuck & lost in Libya

Hope you all can help them!

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