Call for a European Fraud Investigation into vehicle emissions testing

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Call for a European Fraud Investigation into vehicle emissions testing

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Molly Scott Cato started this petition to European Commission and

Is it really too much to ask that we live in a continent where it is safe to breathe?

Currently, because testing procedures specified under EU rules are harmfully inadequate, nine out of ten diesel vehicles exceed the permitted pollution levels. The fight is now underway at EU level to ensure that pollutants emitted in the lab under new test procedures accurately reflect emissions from the car in real driving conditions. 

The cost of air pollution is immense in human terms: we're talking about 400,000 premature deaths in Europe every year. It is also a huge financial drain, since air pollution in the European Union costs around 766 billion euros every year.

Forty million EU citizens are also exposed to levels of a certain size of particulate matter, 'PM10', which are above the legal European limits. PM10 is a deadly form of air pollution which diesel cars emit.

But, to add insult to injury, clean air for everyone will be even harder to achieve given recent revelations that the German car manufacturer Volkswagen has cheated on the pollution tests for 11 million of its diesel vehicles. This constitutes an unprecedented health scandal.

The "dieselgate" scandal shows unequivocally that EU emission limits to curb polluting emissions from vehicles are not just not being respected, but that manufacturers are committing fraud, with criminal intent, through the use of so-called 'defeat devices' which trick the test procedure into thinking that the car has much lower emissions of nitrogen oxides than it will have on the road. Nitrogen oxides react in the atmosphere to form nitrogen dioxide, which is toxic to human health. Beyond the case of Volkswagen, the scandal is also likely to concern other manufacturers.

Having maintained the myth of "clean diesel", car-makers are now trying to avoid a Europe-wide inquiry. As Green MEPs for the South West and South East of England, and London, we call on the EU institutions not give into industry lobbying, the result of which would be the protection of private interests at the expense of citizens' health.

We refuse to accept that the people we represent continue to be poisoned in order to swell the profits of car manufacturers. We therefore call for full transparency and for the law to be upheld.

We believe that the European Commission must immediately launch an inquiry into all vehicles, both petrol and diesel, on the European market to discover the extent to which defeat devices are being used to cheat emission tests for NOx but also for other pollutants, including CO2.


For the sake of the people of Europe, the European Union must take action.

Molly Scott Cato MEP

Keith Taylor MEP

Jean Lambert MEP


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Florent Marcellesi - Spokesperson of the Spanish Greens


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