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Enough with our rights being violated at airports security checks

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We have grown so accustomed to getting our rights violated that we seem to not care anymore. We air-travel from one place to another and go through numerous security checks that allow other persons to strip us from our possessions without a slight hint of rationale behind it. Enough is enough.

I just came back from Marseille, France, where all my coveted tins of pate and other French delicacies were confiscated on the premise that no liquid containers over 100ml could be taken on board, despite the fact none of them were actually liquids. Never mind the fact that I have actually taken such products on board at other airports, for instance Madrid (where it is also easy to find them). This, essentially, reduces the situation to one of these two possibilities: either Madrid airport's security personnel is committing a serious breach of their regulations or Marseille airport is committing a serious breach of my rights. There is no third one.

There is also a sneaky feeling that there might be some kind of collusion between certain airports and certain airlines. Before my goodies got trashed, I was suggested to go back to the Ryanair desks and get my bag checked in. That, obviously, meant forking out £35 in concept of checked-in baggage. Interesting combination.

There was an estimated 3.6 billion passengers travelling by air in 2016. Each one of those faced similar unsubstantiated scrutiny and possibly a great percentage of them suffered some kind of dispossession, which in a great deal of cases could end up ruining your trip in some shape or form.

It does not take a chemical engineer to recognise that 100ml of Nitro-glycerine could bring a plane down if exploded on board, so where is this 100ml threshold nonsense coming from? Who gives these people the right to dispose of our property as if it was theirs? Furthermore, What is stopping a group of passengers from splitting up one litre of a substance into 100ml chunks and then combining them into one single bottle once inside the plane, if the grounds for disposing of liquids are the potentially lethal qualities of anything over 100ml? Why do we need to cope with such stupid and unjustifiable rule at a loss to our possessions?

I request your help. I request for those 3.6 billion passengers to stand up for their rights and demand professionalism from those that so readily think they can do whatever they want unscrutinised. The signatories to this document DEMAND from the European commission to regulate security screening at European Airports by:

- Publishing a logical and scientific rationale that justifies for security personnel to confiscate personal items, unlike now: without any discernible grounds

- Demanding the preparation of an exhaustive categorised list that stipulates what goods are allowed or not. Anything liquid over 100ml as a rule is just not good enough. If such list exists, I have not been granted the privilege of viewing it when I have requested it, which brings me back to the issue of my rights being constantly violated

- Establishing as compulsory the deployment of airport complaint offices and/or personnel at security checks so that complaints can be lodged against abusive behaviour from security officers. These complaints should form the basis of damage compensations to those who can prove that they have been mistreated or their goods unfairly targeted

- Thoroughly investigating all financial transactions between airports and all airlines, more specifically low-cost airlines, to establish whether there is any collusion between them that may harm passengers' rights at airports

Finally, I would like to extend this petition to the rest of the world. It is aimed at the European Commission because I think it will spread out to the rest if it is successful. Agencies such as TSA and others equivalent should take note that we are sick of having our rights violated just because you are in a position of strength. Enough is enough.

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