DEFMA PROJECT: Support the Recognition of DEFMA Learning Outcomes

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The DEFMA partnership invite you to support the produced learning outcomes from the process of development in designing an innovative online vocational training course for facilities management.

The aim of this project is to modernise and enrich the current vocational educational and training of the facilities management workforce in Europe.

The specific objectives are to:

- Enhance labour market relevance of VET for facilities managers to address digital and “green” needs, by designing an innovative and comprehensive training course in environmental technologies and sustainability issues;

- Introduce modern training delivery methods and innovative open access pedagogical resources, enabling learners to acquire and self-assess digital and environmental skills;

- Facilitate mutual recognition of the developed learning outcomes and establish a framework towards an EU “green” qualification for facilities managers.

The needs identified and addressed by DEFMA project are that the facility managers, apart from technical and management competencies, require a combination of digital and environmental skills to be able to maintain high-performance buildings capable of significantly reducing energy and water consumption. There is thus an increasing need to equip facility managers with the skills and capacities required to a) support carbon emission reduction measures, b) monitor resources consumption, c) use “smart” building controls and up-to-date environmental technology systems (e.g. building automation), and d) identify energy losses and water leaks, rectify small faults, and carry out simple maintenance. The project will address this challenge by increasing the relevance and quality of VET provision for facility managers to match their competences and skills with environmental and sustainability needs of the built environment and promote employability and mobility within the sector.

This process of development started with the collection of primary data on the current and future requirements of facilities management, arising from the dynamic penetration of innovative environmental technologies and the adaptation of energy efficiency policy’s and measures at both national and EU level.

The compilation and analysis of occupation and vocational training evidence guided the development of the DEFMA learning outcomes. The formulated DEFMA learning units are based on the European reference frameworks and standards (EQF and ECVET) to reflect the definitions of knowledge, skills and competences.

This data collection was distilled into evidence based learning outcomes that address modern skills and needs of facility managers towards the promotion of modern building management solutions, delivering a European reliable and comprehensive pedagogical structure.

Through an innovative MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and a series of Open Educational Resources, available into 5 EU languages, the DEFMA project supports the following learning Units and Outcomes:

Unit 1: Sustainability and Environmental Issues and their Impact on FM

Unit 2: Energy efficiency and energy management in buildings

Unit 3: Sustainable buildings

Unit 4: Building management and intelligent building solutions

Unit 5: Maintenance and repairs to prevent energy losses

Unit 6: Occupant & Operator Health and Well-being

The MOOC provides the tools for facility managers who can have open access to Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The DEFMA MOOC will allow learners to customize their personal learning trajectory according to their needs and training priorities, while at the same time connecting participants with training content, learning communities and other learners will significantly increase the quality and attractiveness of learning.

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Support the DEFMA project if you:

Recognise that the facility management sector is in need of green and digital skills and believe that vocational education and training should parallel this trend.

Believe that validated vocational education and training should be open and free and recognise the necessity of the produced learning outcomes.

Support the re-training of facility managers in modern environmental and digital technologies.

Will share he materials elaborated throughout the DEFMA project to your networks of partners.


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