Ban the Importation of Shark Fins

The European Union currently has a ban on shark finning in European waters, however, this doesn't stop the shark fin trade continuing out-with these waters and being imported into the EU. This must change. The EU should create a ban to prevent imports of any shark fins.

Let me give you some background on shark finning. Shark finning entails cutting off a shark’s fin, often while the shark is still alive, and dumping the animal back into the sea to die slowly. This causes the shark to either drown, bleed out or even be eaten by another predator. There is no chance of the sharks survival. It is simply cruel.

The shark fins are used in soup, however, it is known that it has no taste and as well as this, shark products contain high levels of mercury which presents a public health risk. Why would you want to eat something which could potential cause yourself harm?

Sharks play a vital role in our marine ecosystem, therefore, without them, it could be detrimental. There are even many endangered sharks such as the Great Hammerhead and Scalloped Hammerhead being hunted for this trade.

By signing this petition, you're showing lawmakers that we don't accept this immoral trade continuing on. Stopping this trade helps us take a stand in saving endangered sharks, protecting our ecosystem as well as protecting these magnificent creatures from a cruel death.

Please take a moral stand against this cruel and horrific trade!

Annie Kennedy, Melbourne, VI, Australia
1 year ago
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