Ban the Importation of Shark Fins

Good evening. Help me, I really need signatures to defend my cause. A few days ago, I signed and shared your petition on I shared your petition on 3 French Facebook pages, namely Animal Liberation Petition, Ani-mal and all against animal abuse, in order to acquire as many signatures as possible. Sorry to bother you and insist but help us in return, to acquire 5,000 signatures, in order to refer the matter to the Minister of Health and to ask for fairness in the registration/admission process of a parent in a medical setting for all EHPADs (public and private), i.e. they all proceed in the same way and that the EHPAPs justify the parent's state of health and justify and detail their benefits (accommodation and dependency costs). Admissions to a nursing home must be made jointly between the resident, the person designated by the parent and the medical coordinator of the EHPAD. The link is:

thierry REMOISSENET/CANALES, lansargues, France
1 year ago
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