Start fair and transparent recruitment processes in NGOs

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Civil society workers roughly account for 13% percent of the whole EU workforce and play a vital role in democracy and communities at all levels. The majority of the workforce (55%) is unpaid thus not registered and the remaining 45% compete against one another in complex competitive hiring processes. Thus, there is the need safeguard applicants within recruitment processes through more ethical and rights-respecting processes. There is no excuse for unethical practices in recruitment by filling publicly advertised positions with internal candidates, recruiting unpaid or underpaid staff, or allowing prejudice to enter decision-making. We would like to establish new norms for recruitment, with new principles, such as transparency, clear expectations, accountability, fairness.

By signing this petition, one shall commit to running transparent and fair hiring processes for civil society roles, which includes:

1. Informing candidates of the stages and timeline of the recruitment process. 
2. Not discriminating against anyone based on race, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, disability, age, or genetic information.
3. Giving feedback to all participants to improve their chances in their future applications.
4. Providing structured job description, compensation information and expectations of tasks.