We don't want change every time we go to a store - we want change once and for all!

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The global financial system brings harm to people all over the world; its architecture leads to massive inequality and it promotes overconsumption, leading to an environmental catastrophe - so it has to change once and for all. Let's start in our own frontyard by dismissing unuseful components - or even more: by adding useful ones. It is long overdue that we introduce 99-Cent coins to stop redundant waste of ressources. The goal is to overcome unnecessary change (I give you 1 €, you give me 1 Cent as a change) by roughly 50% (You give me 99 Cents, we are both happy and that's it). What I dream of, is a financial system that benefits all people and not only the top 1 per Cent. Please join me - join our movement to bring justice to this planet! Not one Cent for all, but once and for all!