No sanctions against Iceland/Hatari and/or affiliates

No sanctions against Iceland/Hatari and/or affiliates

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Desiree Sarring
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Dear EBU, dear Mr. Sand,

with astonishment we have read about the considerations to prosecute Hatari's display of the Palestine flag in the green room after the announcement of the people's vote.

We know Eurovision aims to be a non-political event but in this case Hatari wanted to shine a light onto the mistreatment of Palestinians who are living next to Israel. We all have heard about illegal settlements and measures akin to those of the South African apartheid regime. We must not forget that peaceful, non-violent protest, which is honoured as a pillar of democracy, shall never be punished.

In a troubled geopolitical area, unlike Jamala's "1944" act, one has to be able to point out local challenges without fearing repression of any kind.

Furthermore Madonna in her interval act also showed the Palestine flag combined with a strong and meaningful political message: Wake Up (!) Will she also be prosecuted ? It would be most unfair to choose Hatari, the Icelandic broadcaster or the people and/or country as a "weaker" target for sanctions.

As we had to learn, the Palestine flag is among those forbidden by the EBU and by that is put in one line with terrorists such as the "Islamic" state (IS). We therefor also ask you to remove it from the "blacklist". The Palestine flag is recognised by all Palestinians as their righteous flag, unlike the others in the list. European politicians meet with Palestinian politicians under the very same flag.

We ask you to consider all this in your decision and want to stress that it was done when the voting had finished and thus not interfered with the process.