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About the disqualification of Ukraine at Eurovision 2016, revision of the voting results,

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This petition is dedicated to the European Broadcasting Union from all the fans that not agree with the results from the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. We understand that the jury voting and televoting process is a hard and emotional one, but the amount of people who've signed this shows that how many people are sure that this year's "winner" is not the one who should really win the contest. We have doubts on the justice and privacy of contest that's why we think that there's need to revise the results. We call on the EBU to follow the general rules of the ESC and respond to what the representative of the Ukrainian song Jamala abuse, section 1.2.2 (h), and this should lead to disqualification. We understand that initially the song Jamala EMU was seen as a personal story and allowed the entry in the ESC. However, the representative of Ukraine recognizes that Jamala song has political overtones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCMbQ4BBPqw), and refers to the events in the Crimea in 2014. It also publicly confirmed the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svkmfbMiql0) was the original name of the song "Our Crimea". In addition, NATO contributes Jamala in social media and with NATO to make a video. Given these facts, we are putting EBU petition for disqualification Jamala songs in accordance with section 1.2.2 (h) the rules of the ESC and the revision of the voting results of the jury. In addition, there is information that violates the rule Jamala song of Eurovision in the fact that she had already performed in May 2015 (https://youtu.be/6xivfN-MCjQ). We also ask you to understand that in 2017 the competition should be held in a country where a civil war and it is a danger to life and health of all participants and guests of the contest. This largely reduces the proceeds of the competition.
The so-called "professional jury", which consists of five members, can not decide on 50% of the votes of the country by any means. ESC amateur singing competition and therefore can not be judged as such.
Eurovision has always been a competition of folk and viewing of video calls for all member countries, we, the people, would like to see how people in other countries voted in favor of the entry of our country, and how our countries vote too, not some strange five people no one cares about. In addition, we pay the money by calling or sending a text message, so we definitely want to see where the money goes.
Please bring back the old voting system, which was clear, simple, easy and understandable.
Thus, we ask the European Broadcasting Union:
1. disqualify the Ukrainian party to the violation of the rules of competition.
2. Review the results of the vote of the jury and select another winner (Australia, Russia or another country)
3. Change the voting system since 2017 and return to the people the right to make the main selection of the best songs.
Otherwise Eurovision 2017 can get a boycott by hundreds of thousands of viewers across Europe.

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