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Introducing a language quota system for Eurovision Song Contest!

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From year to year less countries are singing there songs in their own language. While Eurovision was a contest where different countries all over Europe were presenting their music from all over Europe, today there are (almost) no folk or ethnic songs any more. In 2016 there were 42 songs. 34 of them were completely in English, 5 more were partial in English. 3 countries (Bosnia-Hercegovina, FYR Macedonia, Austria) were not singing in English. And that at a competition where you should present your country and not your favourite English song. The artists say, that they want to tell their message, but real messages are told by the music, not by the text. Many countries get critisized for singing in English, but they're still doing it. I want to introduce a quota system for Eurovision: for example the countries should sing in 10 years 50% of their songs in their native language. They also may sing in a different language (Austria 2016). This should count as mother language because they strengthen language diversity. This would be my suggestion, but this petition is about the quota system I want to introduce. There were many years a rule, that the countries HAVE TO sing in their mother language. That goes to far: you mustn't force a country to sing in their own language, because that is against their liberty, but you may make them to sing more often in their own one. The quality of Eurovision suffers from that, so I hope you're supporting me. Thanks. (I'm sorry, if my text is not always in perfect English. I'm no native speaker.)

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