Give the Eurovision 2020 title to Iceland by default

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Yes, it’s true, the Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled.

But the 2020 contestants cannot resubmit their existing songs in 2021. Rules.

Everybody knows Iceland would have walked it easily - Think About Things by Daði Freyr is officially "a banging tune" - so let’s all pull together to get the organisers to symbolically award the 2020 title to Iceland.

It will cheer up everybody in these challenging times and spread a little happiness.

Please share the petition on your social media channels. Please share on Twitter even though it's full of people who get angry easily. Please share with your friends on Facebook and remember to make the petition public so that others can share it. That way we can get the message out far and wide and also make as many people smile in this tough time as possible.

Stay healthy, stay safe.