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The full split results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen once again revealed what we all knew for many years. The votes of five so-called "music-experts" must not have the same impact on the results as the millions of televoters who spend money on phone calls and sms for their favourite songs.

Some countries have large gaps between jury votes and viewer's televotes in 2014, e. g. Azerbaijan, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, etc. Some countries make profit of this system (Poland), others are treated in a very unfair way (Austria). In addition to that there are countries whose jury votes cannot be counted in the results, because they faked the jury votes by giving five times the same "top results" to the same countries (e.g. Georgia in 2014).

That's why the jury votes must be replaced by televoting results alone. This is the most transparent, democratic and fair way to rate the songs.

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