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A recount of the Eurovision 2017 voting and an investigation into bribery

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I want an investigation into the voting patterns of Eurovision 2017 and a recount of votes as do many, many others.
As you are all aware, Ukraine was the host of Eurovision. However, you also might be aware that Ukraine is quite frankly a corrupt, and economically struggling country. Ukraine could surely have taken bribes of some sort to change votes from countries. The winner, Portugal, before the contest was rated lowly by almost everyone. France, Italy and Bulgaria were the highest contenders for almost everyone. But, when it came to the real thing, out of nowhere certain countries which were always rated low magically got so many more votes; while the higher contenders got a lot less than expected. Us Europeans demand an investigation into the rigging of Eurovision 2017, and we want the REAL winner to announced, which quite frankly could not be Portugal. We want the real votes revealed. And if required, we want corrupt juries who could have taken bribes from certain countries to be sacked! Please, Europeans, it's our chance this year to fix the corruption from the contest, at least a bit. We demand fair contests, with fair countries hosting! Please, Europe.. Sign this, and it will take so little time to have such an impact and hopefully to get the rightful truth we deserve!
Personally, I have watched Eurovision all my life. So have all my friends and parents. But recent years have come, and almost all of the people have given up on this contest saying it is corrupt and they're sick of politics in it. I'm on that point even though I'm a massive Eurovision fan.
If this gets enough signatures, we can find out the true winner and we can help fix this contest. We deserve justice! This is for Europe!

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